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Medication Management
Medication management is patient-centered care designed to optimize safe, effective and appropriate drug therapy. There are many options for patients in managing their medication including; dosettes, compliance packs, and multiple other options customized to each situation. Contact our team to learn more and see what best fits you.

Patient Counselling
Patient counseling is a key element of the medication care process. Given the advertising for medication in the media and easy access to the information on the Web, it is important for pharmacists to provide appropriate, understandable and relevant information to patients about their medication.

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Flu Shots
Pharmacists are the most accessible health care providers and are in an ideal position to provide immunization services. Patients can turn to pharmacists for education, counseling, monitoring and administration of the flu vaccination.

Assisted Living Care
We provide patient centered care to optimize safe, effective and appropriate drug therapy through the collaboration with long-term and assisted living care teams. We are equipped with an electronic medication administrative records system and the latest medication packaging methods in the industry, which supports our commitment to elite level patient care.

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Pharmaceutical Opinion
Pharmaceutical Opinion means that at the time of dispensing a prescription or when conducting a MedsCheck review, the pharmacist identifies a potential concern that requires consultation with the prescriber. Based on this, the medication may be dispensed as prescribed, it may not be dispensed, or the therapy may be adjusted or changed.

Home Health Care
We provide the necessary equipment to allow patients to remain mobile and independent.

Smoking Cessation
Pharmacists are available to support patients who want to quit smoking by counseling, providing relative materials and improving access to smoking cessation services and medications.

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Over The Counter
Over-the-Counter includes drugs that are safe and effective for use by the general public without a prescription. These drugs are often located on shelves in the pharmacies with easy access to patients, including but not limited to; allergy medicines, pain relievers, and weight loss products.

Diabetes Education
Diabetes Education is a collaborative process through which people with or at risk or diabetes can gain knowledge and skills needed to modify behavior and successfully manage the disease and it's relate conditions.

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Free Delivery
We believe in providing convenience to our customers not only at home, but also at work or anywhere you may be. That's why we've introduced a free delivery service to help busy customers with their prescriptions, over-the-counter medications and other everyday products by delivering these items directly to you wherever you are.